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Introducing UL13 urban accessories…
‘Immortal Style’ - UL13 is the groundbreaking collection of urban accessories from the UK’s Alchemy Carta.

UL13, designed and made in the UK for the contemporary, ‘festival’ and tattoo generations. Unisex gear, but designed especially with the largely neglected, contemporary males in mind.

The UL13 collection is replete with classic and retro tattoo and rock symbolism, biker’s and boarder’s icons, etc, but woven-through with that distinctive Alchemy pedigree. Highest quality sculpted pewter jewellery. The neckware comes complete on a variety of very cool chains, plaited leather thongs etc. and incorporating enamelling, articulation, two-tone finishes and more. Each piece is stylishly finished on the reverse side and includes a unique"UL13 " branded chain tag and/or bail.
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Sharp's Cross Pendant Sharp's Cross Pendant
Our Price: AU$55.00
Piston Head Pendant Piston Head Pendant
Our Price: AU$47.00
Ink Machine chain Ink Machine chain
Our Price: AU$45.00
Shoot 'Em Up Dogtags Shoot 'Em Up Dogtags
Our Price: AU$45.00
Faith Neck chain Faith Neck chain
Our Price: AU$47.00
Glory Cross neck chain Glory Cross neck chain
Our Price: AU$42.00
Skull Duster neck chain Skull Duster neck chain
Our Price: AU$45.00
Devils Dice Choker Devils Dice Choker
Our Price: AU$49.00
Let's Rock neck chain Let's Rock neck chain
Our Price: AU$42.00
Carpe Diem Wriststrap Carpe Diem Wriststrap
Our Price: AU$58.00
Unlucky For Some Ring Unlucky For Some Ring
Our Price: AU$37.00
Needle Gun Ring Needle Gun Ring
Our Price: AU$39.00
Anchors Aweigh Ring Anchors Aweigh Ring
Our Price: AU$54.00
Knuckles Ring Knuckles Ring
Our Price: AU$37.00
Hard Luck Cufflinks Hard Luck Cufflinks
Our Price: AU$56.00
Bet Your Life Cufflinks Bet Your Life Cufflinks
Our Price: AU$56.00
Death Rod Belt Buckle Death Rod Belt Buckle
Our Price: AU$112.00
Tattoo Gun Belt Tattoo Gun Belt
Our Price: AU$118.00
Hell-Bound Belt Hell-Bound Belt
Our Price: AU$109.00
Love/Hate Belt Love/Hate Belt
Our Price: AU$104.00
Urban Ware - Cut Throat Urban Ware - Cut Throat
Our Price: AU$37.00
Urban Ware - Trap Jaw Urban Ware - Trap Jaw
Our Price: AU$37.00
Urban Ware - Tattoo Gun Urban Ware - Tattoo Gun
Our Price: AU$40.00
Urban Ware - Cursed Urban Ware - Cursed
Our Price: AU$37.00
Love/Hate Ring Love/Hate Ring
Our Price: AU$37.00
Blackrod Ring Blackrod Ring
Our Price: AU$37.00
Urban Ware - Thirteen Urban Ware - Thirteen
Our Price: AU$37.00
Tattoo Gun Bracelet Tattoo Gun Bracelet
Our Price: AU$83.00