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Perfumes and Music personalised to your Star Sign

Whether you believe in any influence from the planets and stars, for centuries mankind has been curious and dabbled in the Heavens for guidance and meaning.

In 4242 BC Ancient Egypt is the earliest recorded date for the Sun and Moon. Pythagoras set up esoteric schools in 535 BC teaching numerology, astrology and the occult arts. In the 1400s Astrologers served in royal palaces of France, England, Italy and Austria. The energy of the planets and their influence on us is undeniable.

these two ranges have been intuitively compiled by Tracey Stranger, Author, Soul Centred Astrologer, NLP Master Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Transformational Practitioner

Zodiac Mysts alchemic blend of pure essential oils and vibrational flower essences to align your soul and uplift your Spirit, release stress and tension, nourish your senses to relax with inner serenity

Zodiac CD's - Stunning music personalised to your Star Sign with uplifting words to motivate you, ignite your imagination, build inner strength and bring serenity

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