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Be brave and order one of surprise parcels and you will be delighted with a carefully selected collection of goodies that always represents good value. Your parcels may contain one or two main pieces depending on value - with perhaps some herbs and incense to sample, a lucky charm and a mini tarot reading etc.

Order just the one as a treat or become part of one of our different clubs and receive monthly surprise parcels :

“Its like Christmas every month”

I love the Surprise parcels I can't wait to see what it is :). I love Uncle Festers :) The best thing is I don't have to choose... as I love everything you got!! You do it for me, much easier lol. - C

Check out our famous Cauldron Club (if you need to start building your magickal altar tools- its been going over 10 years now) , Full Moon Surprise Parcel (seasonal magickal supplies), Herbal Apothecary club (learn all about herbs as you build a collection) and the new "Student Surprise Mega Parcels" - learn by doing action packs that tie in with our free wicca course. . . . .

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