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Uncle Festers stock a unique range of gifts, jewellery and clothing -  including some that have a snake theme.
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Snake Resin Wand Snake Resin Wand
Our Price: AU$20.00
Alchemy Psalm 68 Ring Alchemy Psalm 68 Ring
Our Price: AU$45.00
Alchemy Hydra Pendant Alchemy Hydra Pendant
Our Price: AU$110.00
Nathair Amulet Nathair Amulet
Our Price: AU$16.00
Sterling Snake ring Sterling Snake ring
Our Price: AU$50.00
Snake Bracelet Snake Bracelet
Our Price: AU$50.00
The Sophia Serpent Ring The Sophia Serpent Ring
Our Price: AU$25.00
Alchemy Viperstone Ring Alchemy Viperstone Ring
Our Price: AU$38.00
Alchemy Hydra Earwrap Alchemy Hydra Earwrap
Our Price: AU$43.00
Thor's Runehammer Ring Alchemy Corruption Ring
Our Price: AU$46.00
Alchemy Eve necklace Alchemy Eve necklace
Our Price: AU$110.00
Earthly Delights Ring Earthly Delights Ring
Our Price: AU$79.00
Ankh of Tau Necklace Ankh of Tau Necklace
Our Price: AU$49.00
Temptation Earring Temptation Earring
Our Price: AU$39.00
Adderbite Ring Adderbite Ring
Our Price: AU$67.00
Speculum Neckthong Speculum Neckthong
Our Price: AU$70.00