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Uncle Festers stock a unique range of gifts, jewellery and clothing -  many that feature Pentagram theme including lots of our own jewellery and a wide variety of magickal pieces.
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Round Pentacle Tapestry Round Pentacle Tapestry
Our Price: AU$40.00
Metal Triple Moon box Metal Triple Moon box
Our Price: AU$40.00
Grey Pentagram Cotton Cape Grey Pentagram Cotton Cape
Our Price: AU$120.00
Sale Price: AU$90.00
You save AU$30.00!
Mini Magick Boxes Mini Magick Boxes
Our Price: AU$10.00
Pentagram Tarot Bag Pentagram Tarot Bag
Our Price: AU$15.00
Pentgram Soapstone Box Pentgram Soapstone Box
Our Price: AU$25.00
Salem Pentagram Chest Salem Pentagram Chest
Our Price: AU$58.00
Cotton Pentagram Skirt Cotton Pentagram Skirt
Our Price: AU$50.00
Isis Parchment Poster Isis Parchment Poster
Our Price: AU$4.00
Pentacle Moon pennant Pentacle Moon pennant
Our Price: AU$30.00
Pentagram Buttons Pentagram Buttons
Our Price: AU$35.00
Inverted Pentagram Flag Inverted Pentagram Flag
Our Price: AU$30.00
Alchemy Pentagram Flag Alchemy Pentagram Flag
Our Price: AU$30.00
Dante's Hex Dante's Hex pendant
Our Price: AU$21.00
Stella Igneus Stella Igneus Pendant
Our Price: AU$49.00
Pentagram Studs x 2 Pentagram Studs (pair)
Our Price: AU$17.00
Pentagram Cuff-stud Pentagram Cuff-stud
Our Price: AU$25.00
Roseus Pentagram Ring Roseus Pentagram Ring
Our Price: AU$46.00
Celtic Theurgy-Ring Celtic Theurgy-Ring
Our Price: AU$31.00
Pentacle Forme Ring Pentacle Forme Ring
Our Price: AU$49.00
Margravenus Ring Margravenus Ring
Our Price: AU$49.00
Duality Duality Ring
Our Price: AU$46.00