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All Alchmey Gothic earrings are cast and hand-made in fine English pewter, many with additional high quality components, and all come complete with either surgical-steel ear-wires, or if studs, with sterling silver posts and plastic butterflies. Earrings are sold singly unless stated otherwise.
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Alchemy Bushido Earring Alchemy Bushido Earring
Our Price: AU$20.00
Alchemy Raven Ear-wing Alchemy Raven Ear-wing
Our Price: AU$35.00
Alchemy Hydra Earwrap Alchemy Hydra Earwrap
Our Price: AU$43.00
Sylvanus Ear Wrap Sylvanus Ear Wrap
Our Price: AU$42.00
Electromagnet Earring Electromagnet Earring
Our Price: AU$39.00
Knife Switch Earring Knife Switch Earring
Our Price: AU$35.00
Raven's Eye Earring Raven's Eye Earring
Our Price: AU$39.00
Chaosium (cuff stud) Chaosium (cuff stud)
Our Price: AU$27.00
Wyverex Earring Wyverex Earring
Our Price: AU$19.00
Parler Cuff-stud Parler Cuff-stud
Our Price: AU$25.00
Cross Cuff-stud Cross Cuff-stud
Our Price: AU$25.00
Ceur Noir Earring Ceur Noir Earring
Our Price: AU$27.00
Spike Cuff Spike Cuff
Our Price: AU$19.00
Diamond Pall Cuff Stud Diamond Pall Cuff Stud
Our Price: AU$30.00
Dragon Drop Earring Dragon Drop Earring
Our Price: AU$36.00
Temptation Earring Temptation Earring
Our Price: AU$39.00
Ketu Stud Ketu Stud
Our Price: AU$26.00