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Browse our extensive range of dried herbs, resins, woods and magickal salts below. All our standard herb bags are priced at $7.50, and jars at $10 - many are suitable for ingestion (indeed many are wild harvested and organic) though it is recommended you do your research first - or see a qualified practitioner for advice, especially if pregnant or taking prescription medication.
The quantity per pack varies but is approx 20 grams for the leaf herbs and 15grams for the roots.
Note larger quantities are also available - ring or email for a price.
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Mini Herb Potion Jars Mini Herb Potion Jars
Our Price: AU$10.00
Cute Mini Herb Jars Cute Mini Herb Jars
Our Price: AU$5.00
Herbs in mini bags Herbs in mini bags
Our Price: AU$2.00
Herb Six Packs Herb Six Packs
Our Price: AU$60.00
Sale Price: AU$50.00
You save AU$10.00!
Herbs by the Jar Herbs by the Jar
Our Price: AU$10.00
Herbs in bags Herbs in bags
Our Price: AU$7.50
Monthly Apothecary Club Monthly Apothecary Club
Our Price: AU$30.00