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Blessed Be By Nature - Hand Blended
Herbal Teas and Infusions
Today there is an enormous body of scientific studies and research to validate the efficacy of herbs. Herbs are the forerunner of modern drug medicine. Many chemical drugs are based on the compounds found in plants. For example aspirin comes from the salicylates found in willow bark and heart drugs are still extracted from the foxglove more than 200 years after their discovery. Of course it's not just the therapeutic properties of the herbs that make you feel better. The very art of tea drinking can be beneficial for you as well. Taking time and care in the preparation and serving of tea reflects a less hurried approach to life than the instant tea or coffee break. The whole idea of preparing an herbal tea, with its rich aromas and colours, then quietly enjoying the flavour, automatically reduces stress levels.

This exciting range is hand mixed by Loz, a local witch and herbalist with Australian Certifications in Medicinal Herbs. Her knowledge and qualification enables herb to carefully blend herbal remedies, offering traditional methods of relief for most common ailments as well as aromatic and botanical teas to be enjoyed by everyone at any time.

Some favourite blends are Blue Moon, Ginger Bliss, Berry Fairy and Wellness Tea.