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The Sword, Dagger or Athame is often used on a witch's altar to represent the element Air. Air corresponds to our minds, knowledge, communication, writing , inspirations, problems, freedom, travel and new beginnings. The three zodiac air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Other associations are the colour yellow, the sense of Smell, direction East, working with the mind, study and divination.
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Isis Collectible Dagger Isis Collectable Dagger

Its been a while since we were able to offer a nice stainless steel athame because of the regulations in Victoria for selling double edged blades - but this one seems to be OK for that due to the fancy cutaways. This collectable knife is designed by an artist called Kit Ray - and bears his mark - his description reads

Isis is the Egyptian goddess of fertility. In ancient times it was believed that without Isis' blessing, Egypt would become barren and void of fruitful harvests or livestock. The pommel displays the symbols of fertility (cow horns and sun disc) which were traditionally shown on her crown. The guard is a horned design with intertwined serpents (the protectors of Isis) at its center. Both have an antique silver-plated finish. The handle is carved with a snakeskin texture.

The knife is basically large (almost 44cm long) and sharp.

It also comes with a wood grain finish mounting plaque.

Our Price: AU$60.00