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I am loving the daily magickal emails. They are helpful and i look foward to each one.

Received goods, and enjoyed reading the newsletter. Thank you for keeping me posted and for a great service!

I have been LOVING the daily emails. What a wealth of information. An amazing amount of work for a service that is provided free of charge!!! Keep up the fantastic work.

I have just put my order  through.  Thanks so much for the reminder.  I have been busy with stocktake at work and not logged into my computer for a few days. I really enjoy receiving the parcels.  You do a fantastic job of the website and the Magickal Moments which I look forward to every day.

. . . I also like to tell you how much I love your newsletters. Really, truly I look forward to your email everyday. I've set my first emails to come at 6am every, and it comes onto my phone, so your email is like my alarm which wakes me up. I look forward to reading it, before I get up and going as its a positive and spiritual start to my day. Its a really special service that you offer and has made a difference to me. You and your ideas are a inspiration.

I am a new Uncle Festers member and a new internet participant, and i just wanted to thank you so much for the information, newsletters, etc., that you send me. I am a wildlife carer so much of my time is spent at home (apart from when im called out to a rescue) which limits my time to attend gatherings, rituals, festivals etc., I really look forward to hearing from you, it keeps me in touch with my magick. I'm planning in the next couple of days to make a trip out to your beautiful shop.