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Uncle Fester's showcase the full range of Alchemy Gothic Jewellery available in Australia - including previews of all the lastest releases.

There are currently over 500 designs - our unique categorizations help find what you are looking for and we generally list sizes and links to any matching pieces.

Orders are placed weekly so most items are available within a few days. The Alchemy range is among our bestselling so you can shop in confidence you will be happy with your purchase.

All jewellery pieces are cast and hand-made in fine English pewter, many with additional high quality components, and all come complete upon their nickel-free chains, (or lace, cord, leather thong, earring hooks etc), There is also a 12 month warranty on the workmanship of all pieces.
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Alchemy Lunacy Necklace Alchemy Lunacy Necklace
Our Price: AU$84.00
Alchemy The Grip Buckle Alchemy The Grip Buckle
Our Price: AU$89.00
Alchemy Cherish Ring Alchemy Cherish Ring
Our Price: AU$39.00
Alchemy Cthulhu Ring Alchemy Cthulhu Ring
Our Price: AU$39.00
Alchemy Ravenett Ring Alchemy Ravenett Ring
Our Price: AU$25.00
Alchemy Blacksoul Ring Alchemy Blacksoul Ring
Our Price: AU$45.00
Alchemy Baphomet Ring Alchemy Baphomet Ring
Our Price: AU$56.00
Alchemy Remains Pendant Alchemy Remains Pendant
Our Price: AU$38.00
Alchemy Dark Wolf Studs Alchemy Dark Wolf Studs
Our Price: AU$25.00
Alchemy RIP Rose Ring Alchemy RIP Rose Ring
Our Price: AU$38.00
Alchemy Goddess Ring Alchemy Goddess Ring
Our Price: AU$38.00
Alchemy Skeggox Pendant Alchemy Skeggox Pendant
Our Price: AU$50.00
Alchemy Affiance Watch Triple Goddess Watch
Our Price: AU$168.00
Alchemy Psalm 68 Ring Alchemy Psalm 68 Ring
Our Price: AU$45.00
Alchemy Blood Rose Ring Alchemy Blood Rose Ring
Our Price: AU$67.00
Alchemy Unicorn Pendant Alchemy Unicorn Pendant
Our Price: AU$24.00
Alchemy Affiance Watch Alchemy Affiance Watch
Our Price: AU$224.00
Alchemy Hydra Pendant Alchemy Hydra Pendant
Our Price: AU$110.00
Alchemy Kraken Necklace Alchemy Kraken Necklace
Our Price: AU$121.00
Alchemy Kraken Ring Alchemy Kraken Ring
Our Price: AU$35.00
Alchemy Icarus Earwrap Alchemy Icarus Earwrap
Our Price: AU$41.00
Alchemy Amourankh Ring Alchemy Amourankh Ring
Our Price: AU$46.00
Alchemy Necrogram Ring Alchemy Desolation Ring
Our Price: AU$30.00
Alchemy Bushido Pendant Alchemy Bushido Pendant
Our Price: AU$26.00
Alchemy Bushido Earring Alchemy Bushido Earring
Our Price: AU$20.00
Sharp's Cross Pendant Sharp's Cross Pendant
Our Price: AU$55.00
The Sophia Serpent Ring The Sophia Serpent Ring
Our Price: AU$25.00
Alchemy Necrogram Ring Alchemy Necrogram Ring
Our Price: AU$52.00