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These are a new product concept created with the intention of "supporting the emotional and spiritual well-being and lifestyle of humans" . Founded by a Natural Therapist, Christian Burkhardt, has worked on these for over 13 years. The outcome - SOE Liquid Minerals - are a vibrational infusion of the most potent balancing properties of minerals, crystals and gems which helps manifest well-being by treating the underlying negative emotional pattern active in our subconscious. Liquid Minerals are further customised with consideration of magnetic fields, frequencies of colour, light, sound and planetary rhythms.

The producers SOE Bioremedies don't make any claims to treat, cure or heal physical symptoms - rather they work mainly on underlying emotional issues, thus seeking to bring into balance Body, Mind and Spirit by creating a positive pattern in your subconscious.

These all come in a 20ml brown bottle with a dropper and instructions for use - this varies depending on the application but can involve taking the drops under the tongue or in water. Applying the drops to the spine to help unblock chi energy; or adding the drops to a bath.

It is recommended to acknowledge the intention of what you would like to attract or change in your life clear in your mind with each application, a ritual which helps create a positive pattern in your subconscious to attract positive situations and circumstances into your life. Under normal circumstances one bottle of the Liquid Mineral should be enough to set you well on the way (and you can then pick another goal and another bottle to work with!).

Browse over the list and read the full descriptions on the individual pages of any that jump out to you - there are both positive and negative descriptors there to help you decide your main goal / intention to start with.

The products come in two groups - Individual mineral / crystals (with their own matched intentions) and Special Purpose Blends - so check them both out